Our Sophisticated Strategies

Create portfolios that stand the test of time.
For the past 100 years, buy and hold strategies have resulted in significant losses at least once every 10 years during market cycles.

These losses can devastate a portfolio. Remember the 2008 financial crisis? Or when the tech bubble burst in 2000? The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997?
How about Black Monday in 1987...there are numerous examples going all the way back to the Great Depression.

Latest academic studies have shown that combining Opportunistic & Defensive strategies to complement a Passive portfolio, over the long run, generates equal or higher returns with lower drawdowns than Passive on a standalone basis.

InvestmentPOD’s innovative technology allows advisors to move beyond recommending a simple Passive Buy & Hold strategy to their clients. We’ve created a customized digital platform that allows advisors to build portfolios that are diversified across both assets and strategies—the type of portfolios that stand the test of time.

By continuously adding new strategies developed by hedge fund pioneer Peter Matthews, PhD, we offer advisors access to the latest developments in alternative investments all within a white labeled technology solution.

Learn more about our base strategies that are automatically included for every InvestmentPOD-enabled firm:
Provide your clients with more options than just traditional Passive Buy & Hold. Our advanced Passive strategies go beyond 60/40 Buy & Hold in order to remain a staple in a client's portfolio. In addition to our advanced Passive strategies, we can integrate your firm's in-house models to the platform.
These monthly dynamic strategies use advanced selection algorithms to identify and shift out of poorly performing positions into better performing assets. Designed to be a fully automated opportunistic solution for your clients with higher risk tolerances and a desire to increase return potential.
InvestmentPOD's Defensive Risk Management is the perfect complement to any Passive portfolio for the risk averse investor. Your clients can take comfort knowing their investments will be automatically removed from the market to curtail losses and re-entered at more opportune times.
Fixed Income
The Investment POD Fixed Income strategy is an Opportunistic (tactical) strategy that switches among assets covering short term government bonds, intermediate government bonds, long term government bonds and high yield corporate bonds.
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