Our Features

A sophisticated, multi-strategy digital platform with best-in-breed trading & rebalancing.
We are a robust digital partner.
Our sole focus is to offer advisors advanced tools that help them with investing excellence.

Other robo advisors & technology-based wealth management platforms only offer passive and simplistic investment strategies. High net-worth clients need sophisticated choices to meet their complex needs. Our platform gives advisors the ability to provide clients with superior, low-cost, transparent, and automated quantitative investment methods.
fully automated trading & investment solutions
Our sophisticated investment strategies generate automated trade signals for all your POD clients.
We have the ability to connect with any clearing broker, including TD Ameritrade, Schwab, or Interactive Brokers.
Streamlined & customizable client onboarding
Bring a tech-driven feel to your firm with ease with our customizable client onboarding process. Our algorithms recommend POD combinations allowing your advisors to spend more time building client relationships and less on forms.
Opportunistic global ETF selection algorithms
Designed by quantitative global macro hedge fund & futures pioneer, MINT Founder & Chief Portfolio Strategist, Peter Matthews, PhD, our advanced algorithms shift investments opportunistically into better performing assets.
Easy-to-integrate & customizable white-label platform
Integration of our customizable platform is smooth & won't disrupt your back office. Our open architecture complements your existing technology and makes it possible to automate your existing models within the POD.
Sophisticated Daily Defensive Risk Management
Designed by hedge-fund pioneer
Peter Matthews, PhD, our automated defensive risk management tools provide clients with peace-of-mind when markets are falling.
Built-in Backtesting & Analytics for client portfolios
Help your clients feel inspired by their investments by providing up-to-date simulated historical performance statistics on their selected POD combinations.

Advanced Algorithmic Investment cost efficiencies
State-of-the-art trading technologies devloped by our Wall St. veterans/founders & team of Ph.Ds are designed to lower the bid-ask spread, streamline executions, and enhance portfolio performance.
3-Tiered user structure: Client, Advisor, Firm
Your new white-labeled platform allows clients, advisors, and firm managers to all login with customizable permissions.
No maintenance required!

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